Thursday, June 14, 2012

JESUS is my King.

My primary and central and all inclusive interest is my King Jesus an His Kingdom. Everything I am and do emanates from my surrender to my Creator & King. I live & breath to bring glory to my Abba Father and His Son, my King Jesus, and advance the Kingdom of God on earth.

 Now that the Emergency Medical Training (EMT) has been successfully completed, praise JESUS and with the Certified Nurse Assistant (CNA) test coming up on June 26th, I soon will be able to focus on integrating both of  these with the Community Health Evangelism (CHE) training I received earlier this year for ministry here locally and, Lord willing, very soon in East Africa!

I am excited to work in the medical field soon to really put these skills to practical use, not only to keep them fresh, but to enable me to support our brothers and sisters who are already over in East Africa spreading the Gospel of the Kingdom and seeing the fruit of the Kingdom before their very eyes!!!

I have so much to be grateful to God for, something on my heart very strong is how God has provided for my mom through my sister, Donna and her husband Butch. Words cannot express the depth of thankfulness in my heart and their amazing care-giving. Above and beyond anything normal or just astounds me. I love my baby sister and I know I am not there for her enough. Please forgive me sis...

 I hope to make a trip to South Carolina, Lord willing, in July to see my mom and sis and Butch and other family down that way, it is a much overdue trip...
Well, this was just a tell you what's on my heart post, so I'll sign off  with a prayer.

Fill me with your Holy Spirit
Abba Father to know and do Your will
all the days of my life,
in Jesus

Mercy and peace to you all in Jesus and if you don't know Jesus, please seek Him while He can be found!

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