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                                   KDM Report: August 1, 2012 –

“Expand the Kingdom of God locally and abroad through training, church planting education, and ministering to the various diverse needs of the poor.”

“Give to him who asks of you, and do not turn away from him who wants to borrow from you.” Matthew 5:42
“Give to those who ask. What a clear command. Poses a challenge when folks ask all the time and the more you say yes, the more they ask. Trying to strike a balance between needs and wants, and filtering out manipulation and abuse. Please pray for Cindy and I to be discerning and exercise wisdom. There is an assumption we are rich because we are white Americans, but in actuality we have very limited resources.” 
When I read this on our brother Marc’s Facebook wall, my mind reflected upon Peter’s words to the beggar in Acts 3:6: “I do not possess silver and gold, but what I do have I give to you….” Even though every financial request cannot be fulfilled, what we do have to offer is far more precious.

The Lord is doing amazing and miraculous things in Kenya. When Marc was in Mroki recently, he led six people to the Kingdom at one location alone. People are going through spiritual inventories, repenting, and are being baptized! Cindy is discipling women and having awesome progress in their village of Kiminini. Many of their neighbors are Kingdom Christians, and everyone notes how things have transformed since the Carriers have arrived. We even have new Kingdom saints who are branching out to different parts of Kenya. David, Joseph, Noah, and Godfrey, local Kenyans, recently went on a mission to the eastern part of the country. They were told to expect fifty pastors at a training conference, but found fifteen widows instead. Many were brought to repentance including a locally feared witch. A new fellowship has formed from that conference. Disciples are being baptized, home fellowships are being planted, and the gospel of the Kingdom is advancing as they go out two-by-two, Luke 10 style. It’s like the book of Acts coming to life in our time!

Here is yet another amazing story from the mission field in East Africa. God is glorified in this thrilling transformation in the face of great danger. But first, I must explain a title you will see in the below report, imam. “An imam is an Islamic leadership position, often the worship leader of a mosque in the Muslim community. Imams may lead Islamic worship services, serve as community leaders and scholars, and provide religious guidance.” Keep this in mind as you read below…
“Here is a great report emailed a few days back! Some info concealed for security reasons.

‘Hi Marc! I don't know how to call you but from my point of view you must be an apostle. Well, I am one of the former 3 Imams if at all you heard of it, who surrendered to the Kingdom message which was preached to us by beloved David in ______. We were baptized publicly and it brought rough time on us. We received threats to be killed by the rowdy Muslims so, we ran away with no intention of turning away from Christ whom we proclaim as now the Lord. David gave us Bibles and Shepherds Story books. We started a house church in _____ in one of our friend’s house who also accepted and surrendered and baptized him. We are living in a rental house, my house was burned immediately I ran a way from _____. They stopped paying me even for the work I was doing. I called David and he sent me some of his clothes for us and our children. This doesn't shock us, Jesus says it is blessings to be poor, I just read it Yesterday.
We have been secretly teaching this message to our Muslim families here and now we have 17 Muslims converted by the Gospel of the Kingdom. We are baptizing them tomorrow about 5 kilometers away from Muslim community. The strategy is that after baptism we send them to our extended families far apart to ensure that all our families have received this message. We are doing this immediately. I will be back to ______ evening to collect my documents I left with one of my friends .I will look for David and be back by _____. Now, though this is happening, the challenge is that we have no resources until we get on our feet again. This dear ones need bibles, Kingdom Expansion Series , tracts and shepherds books. If KDM can be able to support us for the time being at least 25 English bibles, 15 Swahili bibles and as many Kingdom Expansion Series and Shepherds storybooks as possible just for once because we are organizing to start buying ours with the funds that we are expecting. Please help us if this email reaches the head of this missions. Otherwise, blessings.
Follow up on the three Imams. Full confirmation. These are bonafide Imams of three mosques who publicly repented and were baptized. Many Muslims in attendance asked David to share this message with them Thurs. David is meeting with the new disciples today. I honestly have to believe this is an unprecedented historic event. Three in one day! Pray for all the members of these three mosques. This has caused quite a stir of confusion for these precious people. The mosques are in disarray. Pray for God's wisdom, love, truth, and protection as He continues to reveal Himself to the people of Kenya.”
This is only a small portion of the reports we are receiving daily. For more wonderful stories, and to see how you can get involved, please visit our website: Also check us out on Facebook:
On behalf of Kingdom Driven Ministries, Grace, Mercy & Peace to you in our King Jesus’ name!

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