Thursday, January 2, 2014

2013 A Year of Preparation and Action!

At the request of a dear friend I am writing this blog today to catch friends and family up on what's been going on.

 I tend to struggle with how much I should post  because I feel/fear it could come across as it's about me. Truly it's not. It is about a loving merciful Abba Father and His Son, Jesus my Savior and King and the Holy Spirit working in and  through me.

Sooo where to start....


After leaving Semonin Realtors Dec 2011, I began training in both community health and emergency medical services in preparation for ministry in Africa.

As 2012 was winding down I was hired as a NCT ( nurse care tech) in the emergency room at University of Kentucky (UK)  Hospital, a level 1 trauma center. Prior to UK I volunteered at Mercy Medical Clinic where I served with some awesome people and learned a lot, but even more than all that I felt God's love flow through these folks to me and received an amazing amount of encouragement! 


Nov.   welcomed my youngest grandson, Boaz Zechariah Ray Sweazy!

2012  ended with my mom leaving this earth to be with Jesus and a new chapter in my sister Donna's life began as she learned to live with missing momma. if you don't know this from prior postings my sister and her husband Butch were two of the most awesome caregivers you can imagine! God surely took care of Momma through their loving and diligent hands.
Donna & Butch


2013 started with the Lord allowing me to go on another trip to Africa, this time to Kenya to fellowship and serve with the Carriers, who we will  be joining on the mission field soon, Lord willing. and my beloved  Ugandan  brother in Christ  Steve met me there from China, (taking a break from medical studies), along with his brother Ivan. It was a wonderful 2 weeks and I had a hard time coming back just like before.
The Carrier family
Ivan, Steve and me with Kenyan children


 The house in Bagdad, KY sold in 2013 allowing me to be free from one more care of the world. And we, my youngest son Charlton, daughter in love Natasha and my two youngest grand children Ava and Boaz, to move to Lexington where we could be closer to work and also closer to brothers & sisters in Christ for fellowship.
Ava & Boaz
Charlton & Natasha

David & Deborah Bercot


If all that wasn't enough during 2013 we had awesome fellowship with dear brothers and sisters in Christ both old and new, some  we had known for years and others meeting face to face for the first time. Some were even beloved teachers that had feed and encouraged us for years


Michael, Angel, Hannah , Joey & Gabriel

 2013 has ended with my first born son. Michael and daughter in love Angel and my three oldest grandchildren Hannah, Joey and Gabriel, serving in Brazil on mission with YWAM! The year began and ended with missions for our family! What a blessing!



One patient, that I was telling about us moving to Africa on faith, made the statement to me "thats a good way to get stuck", I smiled and said being with God is never getting stuck. And this is very true, no matter the circumstances you are in, if you are an obedient, loving faithful follower of Jesus you can't get stuck. For one thing we are not expect a bed of roses, when our Savior and King did not even have a bed to lay his head on. When we imitate Him we to pick up our cross and follow Him, wherever that takes us and under what ever circumstances. He will provide what we need to do the mission He has called us to do. Faith is belief in action. It's when we get too wrapped around the strategizing that we tend to leave faith and start trusting in worldly wisdom. To bring this point home, I want to share with you that our Abba Father has already moved people to support us and His mission without us soliciting support! So He will do the prompting and providing, as long as we do the praying and trusting, but remember too, that we are not above our Teacher, Jesus, He was very humble and poor by this world's standards.



Well, that brings me to 2014 and Lord willing I will travel to SC in Feb to hang out with my sister and Butch for a few days. In March hopefully I'll make it into a two week class call Medical Missionary Intensive, currently it's full and I am on the waiting list, but I am praying that I will get in.

You know it's funny I have noticed a pattern in my life the last few years, the odd years are action years and the even years are preparation years, however it looks like in 2013 & 2014 the two have merged.


  I pray you seek The Father and His Son Jesus  and the Kingdom of God with all your heart, soul, mind and strength. They will be found! And God will give you His Holy Spirit to guide, comfort and strengthen you.

May His mercy and favor find you seeking Him this year...sooner rather than later for we are not promised tomorrow.


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