Sunday, December 18, 2011

Along the WAY

The years came and went and God's grace and mercy saw us through, however 2007 stands out as a most amazing year.
First my husband, Garnett was diagnosed with Pancreatic cancer in Jan. What could have been a fearful & stressful time was not... Garnett and I grew closer to the LORD and as a result closer to each other. We both said it was the best year of our that is God's peace, not the peace of this world. Peace that passes understanding... in other words peace that doesn't make sense.
The year ended with Garnett going  to be with the Lord.  I missed Garnett like crazy and grieved the loss of his presence in this realm,  but I was not lonely for our Abba Father comforted me
And His comfort is greater that the grief! So I can say without a doubt blessed are those that mourn for they shall be comforted.

Secondly,  in July a book arrived in the mail from a dear brother & sister in Christ and longtime friends, John & Gayla Price. The message in this book changed my life as it introduced me to the early Christians, the ones who truly lived and died for Christ, the pre-Nicene Christians & their writings. The title of the book was “Will the Real Heretics Please Stand Up” by David Bercot. These writings introduced me to true followers of Jesus and a key teaching that has been lost to most Christians today, the two Kingdoms. I was and am profoundly inspired by those early Christians as well as other true disciples of Christ who gave up all to follow Jesus down through the centuries and their through their witness I feel myself being transformed into the likeness of Christ. And from the uttermost depth of my soul I am so thankful


  1. So your saying the Bible didn't change your life?

  2. Thank you so much for question and allowing me the opportunity to respond.

    The Bible has been a profound influence in my life. And was the primary life changer starting 28 years ago, and up to the present time.

    The significance of the early Christian writings is that, while not inspired, they are an excellent commentary on scripture as they were closer in time, culture, language, etc... Plus a few of them were alive during the time of the Apostle John! Additionally from their writings and the witness of history we see they took Jesus' words literally and modeled their life after His, many evening choosing death as martyrs rather than renounce Jesus as their Lord. Their writings essentially gave me more light to see the scriptures by.

    Grace & peace to you in Jesus name,