Tuesday, December 20, 2011

God is awesome & has blessed me immensely to favor me with a Journey to Africa

Nov. 26, 2009 sometime after 10 PM local time in East Africa

I arrive in Africa…wow….Africa can this be real??? The plane lands at the Entebbe airport in Uganda hmmmm God is so awesome!!!! He has granted me something very special & most wondrous! I do not know why He has favored me with this blessing, but I am so GRATEFUL He did!!! My soul does magnify the Lord to think on all His wondrous ways & mercies! Oh bless the Lord o my soul!

My journey from Kentucky, USA to Uganda was 24 hours, but it did not feel like 24 hours. Upon departing from the plane…in Africa…wow… I am wondering how customs works here and then I catch a glimpse of a lady holding a sign with my name it…hmmm I was not expecting this…okay I go to her she guides me through the entrance of the airport as she motions for another official looking lady, who comes over & takes my passport & wisk me to the front of the line at customs …I look at the guy I just went ahead of apologetically , but grateful that she is escorting me through & handling everything …all I have to do is follow. This is my first introduction to my dear, wonderful, beloved Uganda brother Steve’s Uncle Chris’ hospitality.
I was lead to a room where my beloved brother in Christ &best friend, Steve and his uncle Chris were waiting for me....
by Wanda Sweazy on Thursday, December 17, 2009 at 1:25pm

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