Monday, May 5, 2014

Medical missions on the ground in Kenya

dad, daughters, & neighbor girl
Jonathan Wanja, 50 year old  father of nine came to us nearly dead. Silas took him to the hospital where they diagnoses him with  malaria and pneumonia he was admitted to the hospital and administer fluids and medication by I.V. that saved his life.

We visited him in his home today with his two of his youngest children. He appeared to be on the road to recovery, praise God!

We learned that the mother of the children does not live with them. She apparently visits them once a month. So, while the tragedy of losing your dad is big, it becomes a even bigger  when he is a single father and even more so in a third world country! .

On the way back from his house we met 3 of his older children who were returning from working in the fields while their father is sick. You would not know those beautiful smiling faces had been working.

So praise our King Jesus for allowing us and others out there who are part of this ministry to be His hands and feet!!!!

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